How To Rehydrate Morel Mushrooms?

How to rehydrate dried morel mushrooms
How to rehydrate dried morel mushrooms

Do you want to rehydrate dried morel mushrooms? Here are the steps to properly rehydrate your morels while preserving their taste qualities. Follow us!

How to rehydrate dried morel mushrooms
How to rehydrate dried morel mushrooms

Before Rehydrating Your Morels, Read This!

If you bought commercial morels, be aware that their quality is not optimal! Indeed, industrial dried morels are dehydrated at high temperatures and they no longer really have the same taste!

If you want to benefit from local morels, go pick them yourself!

Don’t know where to look for them?

Treat yourself to a Morel Mushroom Map, here! These maps allow you to find morels in your state! You can then dry them in the oven to cook them whenever you want! Great isn’t it?

How Long Should Morels Soak In Water?

The ideal is to let the morels rehydrate for several hours. However, if you want to rehydrate your morels quickly, then the best way is to place them in a bowl with plastic wrap and add boiling water to it. After only 1 hour, your morels will already be well rehydrated.

If you want to know more about this method, then read the rest of the article!

How To Properly Rehydrate Dried Morels?

We tested a lot of ways to work with dried morels and here, in our opinion, is the best way to hydrate dried morels:

  1. Place your dried morels in a container like a bowl. These should completely fill your container. Do not hesitate to pack them a little.
  2. In addition, prepare a sheet of plastic wrap near your bowl. This will be used to cover your bowl, just after pouring your boiling water.
  3. Bring the amount of water needed to fill your bowl to a boil.
  4. When your water begins to boil, pour it into your bowl of dried morels and immediately place your stretch wrap over your bowl to retain all the steam.
  5. Reserve your bowl for at least an hour so that the morels rehydrate properly.
  6. Just before executing your recipe, separate your rehydrated morels from their rehydration water. Keep your rehydration water, which must be a beautiful brown color! We will need it later in the recipe to deglaze the preparation.

Discover Our Morel Maps !

Want to know where the best morel spots are near you? Discover our Morel Mushroom Maps here!

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