A Scarletina Bolete (Neoboletus luridiformis)

Is Neoboletus Luridiformis Edible?

31 October 2022 cdc-admin 0

Is Neoboletus Luridiformis Edible? Neboletus luridiformis (Neoboletus erythropus – Scarletina bolete) is an excellent edible! However, beware of the risk of poisoning, this mushroom is

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Wood Blewit - Lepista nuda

Wood Blewit (Lepista Nuda)

31 October 2022 cdc-admin 0

What Is A Wood Blewit Mushroom? This mushroom is a beautiful blue mushroom, which belongs to the Lepista family. And whose Latin name is Lepista

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Cooking chanterelles

How To Cook Chanterelles?

21 October 2022 cdc-admin 0

Do you want to know if chanterelles can be eaten raw? What type of cooking should you use to properly cook your chanterelles? You’ve come

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King Boletes cooking

How To Cook King Boletes?

15 October 2022 cdc-admin 0

Do you want to know if you need to cook your King Boletes? How to cook your porcini mushrooms properly? Follow the guide! Can We

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