Where to find Yellow-foot Chanterelles?

a group of yellow-foot chanterelles
a group of yellow-foot chanterelles

Are you wondering when and where to find yellowfoot chanterelles?

Are there special tips to hunt for Yellowfoot Chanterelle? Definitely, YES!

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a group of yellowfoot chanterelles
a group of yellowfoot chanterelles

Why should you eat Yellowfoot Chanterelle? Are there any benefits?

There are many recipes with Yellowfoot Chanterelle, but are there any benefits to eating Chanterelles?


Yellowfoot Chanterelles contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is high in potassium and vitamin D. It also has a high concentration of vitamin B, which aids in the maintenance of a robust and healthy neurological system.

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How do you identify Yellowfoot Chanterelles? How can you tell a fake Chanterelle?

Yellowfoot Chanterelle

This mushroom has a yellow-brown colour. The cap is generally flat with a depressed center. Yellowfoot Chanterelles do not have true gills but folds. These folds appear as decurrent, pale and forked folds on the underside of the mushroom. Yellowfoot Chanterelles have hollow stems. That’s why its latin name is Craterellus Tubaeformis. They have a very distinctive smokey, peppery taste when raw.

Fake Chanterelle

In general, Fake Chanterelles are usually confused with Golden Chanterelles as opposed to Yellowfoot Chanterelles. Nevertheless, here is a quick description of the Fake Chanterelle:

Hygrophoropsis Aurantiaca has an orange/brown cap with orange gills running down the stem. The flesh is solid, yellow/orange. It is never a pure white.

To be honest, it’s hard to confuse the Yellowfoot Chanterelle with a poisonous mushroom if you are vigilant.

Where is the best place to find yellowfoot Chanterelles? Where do winter Chanterelles grow?

Yellowfoot Chanterelles, tree association

The preferred Yellowfoot chanterelles habitat consists mainly of conifers (particularly spruce and pine). When searching for these mushrooms, your best bet is to look under these trees.

Which soil do Yellowfoot Chanterelles grow best on?

Yellowfoot Chanterelles prefer acidic to highly acidic soils, with a preference for dense leaf/needle cover and moist slopes in particular.

Great, but how do you tell if the soil is acidic?

It’s quite straightforward. On your picking locations, you’ll often discover a lot of acid-loving plants like ferns. This is a clue that the soil is acidic.

Are Winter Chanterelles hard to find?

Well, that depends! Assuming you are in the right habitat, Chanterelles often grow in large quantities and often in groups, making them fairly easy to find.

What time of year do Chanterelles come out?

Yellowfoot Chanterelles season.

Yellowfoot Chanterelle fructifies, generally, at the same time as Hedgehog mushrooms (Hydnum repandum). This means that you should look for Yellowfoot Chanterelles at the end of autumn and during winter. It is no coincidence that the Yellowfoot Chanterelle is also called the Winter Chanterelle.

How long after rain do Chanterelles appear?

The Yellowfoot Chanterelle comes out when the soil and the climate are sufficiently moist. As this one comes out at the end of the autumn and during the winter, it is not necessary to wait after rain to go hunting for Chanterelles since the growing conditions are already present.

Get ready for Chanterelle season

  • Yellowfoot Chanterelle have very few lookalikes, which makes this mushroom pretty safe to pick.
  • Winter Chanterelle are mostly found under pine and spruce trees in coniferous or mixed forests.
  • They appear at the same time and in the same location, year after year.
  • You have a better chance to look for them at the start of winter.

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